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Welcome to Laser Tag Planet, an online guide to the shooting game lifestyle. We report on the best laser tag guns, laser tag sets, laser tag equipment and Nerf blasters. Everything you need to know about laser tag (at home or in an arena) or Nerf guns, you will hopefully find it here.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is arguably the best game ever invented, and everyone should be able to play this game at home, in the park or in a professional laser tag center. We have been huge fans of laser tag since childhood and we intend to keep playing this epic game til the end of times. Some even call it a sport, as sometimes laser tag games can turn into very intense and fierce battle. Indeed, laser tag is serious business.

This website will hopefully teach you everything about laser tag, where to play it and how to play it. We will also give you recommendations on some of the best laser tag guns, sets and equipment available on the market today.

Nerf Guns

Nerf guns have been hugely popular since the late 1980’s, and despite the rise of online video games, Nerf guns are still one of the most desired action toys. We will tell you more about the origins of Nerf guns and brief you in on the latest and most popular models on the market.

Please join us in our journey and hopefully you will get just as excited about live action shooting games as we have been for so long now. Let’s face it, playing laser tag or Nerf battles is fun and exciting, requires good skill, and you even get a good workout in.

Thank You

Thanks for visiting our website, and don’t be afraid to say hello, comment on one of the posts or contact us with any burning questions you may have. Playing shooting games is all about keeping that inner child in us alive and well, so please follow us and enjoy the wonderful world of laser tag and Nerf blasters!

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Game on!

Team Laser Tag Planet